The Vantage Value Proposition

Our Vantage Point

Developing new drugs is challenging! Crucial decisions need to be made amidst noisy data, incomplete knowledge and siloed expertise. QSP models are quantitative frameworks that integrate in vitro, preclinical, translational and clinical data with biological knowledge & assumptions. This enables researchers to reconcile the various strands of knowledge and even explore additional hypothesis.  

Your MIDD Partner

Vantage has 10 years of experience supporting multiple clients in their drug development programs using mechanistic thinking. In order to assist our clients in making high-value decisions, we believe in quick and practical solutions that are also informed by the richness of biology, historical facts, and public literature. We work in focused, effective, inter-disciplinary teams to address our clients’ key questions expediently.

What we offer

…a full range of M&S capabilities

Developing QSP, PBPK, or mechanistic PK-PD models, executing literature surveys, empirical modeling, so you can work with a team that understands your problem in a holistic 360° manner

…Flexibility to work in project or FTE modes

Depending on whether you need on demand support in a fast-changing environment OR need to develop a platform that will serve your therapeutic pipeline within a suitable timeframe

…Extend your team by adding capacity & expertise

Depending on whether your team needs specific skills for a specific program OR whether you have a surge in workload for a submission

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