Our group has expertise in supporting drug development in diabetes with an understanding of the mechanisms of action, clinical efficacy, and safety considerations in diverse anti-hyperglycemics.
Further,  the novel landscape of GLP-1, GIP-1 agonists that support weight loss, and their interaction with progression in diabetes can lead to interesting treatment strategies in the near future.
Using M&S we can help with proposing optimal dosing regimens, accurately predicting their impact on glucose control and weight management, and offering invaluable insights into the efficacy and safety of potential drug combinations.

Key questions M&S can address

  • Evaluating novel insulins with different PK/PD characteristics
  • Understanding efficacy with HbA1c reduction and safety with hypoglycemic events
  • Optimizing dose and frequency for different combinations (Eg, Insulin + GLP1)

Case Studies


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