M&S Expertise

Vantage QSP Capabilities

At Vantage, our unique expertise is in mechanistic modeling. A good majority of our client work involves understanding biological mechanisms, of both drug and disease, and incorporating those features into our model for appropriate analysis and decision making.

Several modeling approaches are used in drug development. Statistical approaches are driven primarily by fitting single or multiple datasets, and models are often mathematically straightforward. Mechanistic QSP models are developed so that their mathematical structure is constrained by known physiology and also multiple data sets are matched by the model.


Typical Workflow of QSP Model Development

Vantage QSP Modeling (VQM) Tools



QSP models integrate data and knowledge of physiology from multiple scales. Although building models of complex physiology can be a challenging endeavor, software tools that help automate frequently repeated tasks can accelerate development. VQMTools aims to provide such a toolset.


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