Immunology is a key area of focus at Vantage, with a majority of our projects involving various aspects of immune system. Whether in oncology, with checkpoint inhibitors and other immune therapies, or in auto immune diseases where understanding inflammatory motifs is crucial, and more recently in infectious diseases, where there is renewed interest in vaccines and anti-viral agents, the use cases of M&S is growing rapidly.

Our immunology expertise covers a diverse range, from a simple implementation of immune cell trafficking in an anti-cancer therapy, to complex multi-scale models applying several cell-cytokine feedback loops for therapeutic efficacy prediction in auto-immune diseases.

Key questions M&S can address

Auto immune diseases:

  • Candidate prioritization
  • Patient stratification (predict improvement in non-responders)
  • Combination predictions


  • Efficacy of checkpoint inhibitor combinations
  • T-cell trafficking for immunotherapies
  • Identifying efficacious dose range from safety standpoint using immune biomarkers.

Case Studies

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