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At Vantage, we are building a team of people who enjoy applying their quantitative talents to real-world problems in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. We have a flat and transparent organizational structure where performance translates to growth. We work intensely but we are serious about work life balance too.

Our work culture 

At Vantage, we are building a team of people who enjoy applying their quantitative talents to real-world problems in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. We have a flat and transparent organizational structure where performance translates to growth. We work intensely but we are serious about work life balance too.

Our Team 

Rukmini Kumar

Rukmini Kumar obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004, where she developed mathematical models to understand the mechanisms of acute, systemic inflammation. She has since spent her career at the intersection of engineering and biology, as applied to drug development. Her work has contributed to scientific publications and has helped accelerate several BioPharma R&D programs in diabetes, auto-immune diseases and cancer through her roles at Immunetrics & Entelos. In 2013, she founded Vantage Research, to create deep expertise in solving the challenging problems in novel drug discovery and development. The Vantage team works with leading companies such as Eli Lilly, MSD, Genentech, Moderna & the Gates Foundation. She has a Bachelor’s in Physics (University of Madras), a Master’s Degrees in Physics (IIT-Madras) and a Ph.D. in Physics (University of Pittsburgh). Rukmini lives with her family in Chennai.


Vikram Prabhakar

Vikram Prabhakar, co-founder and CEO at Vantage, leads the strategic direction of the company. He brings to Vantage his passion for entrepreneurship combined with years of corporate management and business development experience. Vikram has helped build Vantage into a company with a talented and multidisciplinary team of scientists working with global Pharma & Life Sciences clients. The goal ahead is to continue to develop a center of excellence, that shapes the development of the field of QSP.



Prakash joined Vantage in 2014 and has experience working with QSP models across different scales, especially in the area of autoimmunity. His work focuses on predicting novel drug efficacies, drug combination, and protocol optimization to aid decision making in drug-development pipeline. He likes maths, music and mythological novels. He holds a masters from IIT-Madras, where he focused on developing numerical schemes for high-dimensional partial differential equations (PDEs).



Kannan has been working with Vantage since 2015 and his work is primarily focussed on giving recommendations to make go/no-go decisions in immuno-oncology via QSP modeling, data analysis, synthetic control arms and literature summary. He is a physicist who has worked on computational fluid dynamics and electronics and holds a doctorate in Electronics from Mid Sweden University.



Maithreye has a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology and post-doctoral research experience in Computational Neuroscience in IIT Madras and joined Vantage in 2015. At Vantage, she has worked on QSP models in several disease areas including Autoimmune disease, Hypertension, Neuroscience, Cancer biology and diabetes.


Tanvi Joshi

Tanvi has been working with Vantage since 2018. She has been involved in QSP model development in areas of immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases to inform the efficacy of novel drugs. She is also involved in building assets for Vantage Research which includes developing a QSP for Rheumatoid Arthritis and VQM tools. She has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham, UK.



Madhav got his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s in Applied Mechanics from IIT Madras. He studied multibody Dynamical Systems in the context of harvesting energy for smart structures as part of his M.Tech project. At Vantage, he uses his systems knowledge to solve scientific problems in Immuno-Oncology and Auto-Immune diseases, to build statistical models for meta-analysis and to build tools from his prior experience in Software development. Outside work he is a Formula 1 enthusiast and likes to wander with friends.



Dinesh is a Lead scientist at Vantage Research. Since 2018, He has worked on QSP models of several Autoimmune diseases to address efficacy of novel therapies and combinations. He has also worked on physiologically based custom PK-PD models to address clinical translation and hypothesis exploration. He is a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He plays video games and chooses Batman over Superman.



Anuraag holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and master’s degree in Thermal Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. For his master’s project, he worked on building a simulation tool for wave propagation using ray tracing technique in anisotropic materials. He also built a mathematical model to predict effective thermal conductivity of anisotropic materials and heterogeneous materials. At Vantage, Anuraag provides engineering support on developing tools and building QSP models for diabetes metabolism.



Sai joined Vantage in 2018 and has experience working with mechanistic PK/PD models ecially for protein therpeutics with complex MoA .His work focuses on predicting drug exposure and protocol optimization to aid decision making in drug-development pipeline.


Tamara Ray

Tamara has been working as a biologist with Vantage since 2016. She works on qualitative & quantitative literature curation, hypothesis generation and data support across numerous modeling efforts on Immuno oncology and Autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthrities. She also manages BMGF’s Grand Chanllengers -India efforts. She has a MRes degree in Molecular Biosciences (specialization in Cancer Biology) from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.


Mrittika Roy

Mrittika is a biologist at Vantage since 2016 and has worked in varied disease areas including cancer, autoimmunity, kidney diseases etc. Her work entails assisting modelling teams in model development by providing domain knowledge on physiology and biology. She completed her Masters in Biomedical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2016.


Bhairav Paleja

Bhairav has a Ph.D in applied biology (Tumor Immunology) and over 10 years of post-doctoral academic and industrial research experience. Bhairav has worked extensively in field of human and mouse immunology, with focus on T cell biology in various disease models including cancer, autoimmunity and infection. At Vantage, Bhairav contributes towards understanding and integrating biological knowledge of various disease areas and extracting quantitative information from literature to inform model development.


Pallantla Ravi Kumar

Ravi joined Vantage in early 2022. He brings his experience and expertise in dynamical systems theory, numerical analysis to the Immuno-Oncology modelling team at Vantage. In addition to the mechanistic modelling, he is also interested in integrating the latest machine learning ideas with the QSP models. He is also interested in watching movies and cooking. Do share your cooking tricks when you meet him. Ravi has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from IIT Madras and PhD in Physics from GeorgiaTech.


Aparna Mohan

Aparna has received her B.Tech/M.Tech dual degree from IIT Madras and has been working with
Vantage for 2 years. Her areas of interests are in immuno-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases.


Goutam Nair

Goutam has been working with Vantage for 2 years and has mostly worked on mPBPK models for large molecules, pre-clinical to clinical translation and compartmental PK models. He completed his BTech from NIT Calicut and MTech from IIT Madras in Chemical Engineering.


Shaifali Saroha

Shaifali has been an engineer at Vantage since 2020. She works on diabetes metabolism and provides support to autoimmune diseases’ QSP model development. Shaifali comes from a Chemistry background with a bachelor’s degree from Hindu College, University of Delhi and a master’s degree from IIT Bombay.


Aijaz Shaliban

Aijaz has been a modeller at Vantage Research since 2021 with experience working as an engineer on QSP models. He has worked in the areas of Immuno-Oncology and AutoImmune diseases. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Intelligent Manufacturing from Indian Institute of Technology Madras.


Harshbir Sandhu

Harshbir comes from a Chemical Engineering background with a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and a master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. For his master’s project he worked on creating a mathematical model of within-host SARS-CoV-2 infection and an intercellular model of mycobacterium tuberculosis. At Vantage, Harshbir provides engineering support and works on PK-PD model-based analysis in various disease areas.



Working with us

In a typical project, our team works closely with the client Pharma R&D team to gather the required information on drug & disease physiology, builds the model and then simulates various scenarios. These simulations help client R&D teams clearly visualize various possible outcomes, and therefore make more effective decisions at each stage of the life-cycle, which can range from terminating a project which seems likely to fail, or designing clinical trials with the optimal dosage regimen for the target population.

New team members go through an 8-12 week ramp up period in which they are exposed to various aspects of the job – industry, project lifecycle, exposure to relevant research tools, techniques and processes. Following this training period, team members will join a customer project and directly interact with client R&D teams working on novel drug development projects.

At Vantage, we are building a team of people who enjoy applying their quantitative talents to real-world problems in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. What can you expect if you join us?

  • a startup with a flat organizational structure, and a friendly, enjoyable work environment
  • a culture in which we work intensely on projects, but are serious about work-life balance
  • a cutting edge research environment with an opportunity to impact novel drug development
  • a transparent environment in which performance translates to growth

We are Hiring!

We are actively looking to recruit talented and qualified candidates with an interest in applying quantitative and computational techniques to problems in pharmaceutical drug development and healthcare. You will be part of a global team of experts from multiple disciplines, striving to design and develop new drugs and deliver them to the market. If you are interested, please send an email with your resume to careers@vantage-research.net.

Current Openings

  • Develops mathematical models to analyze dynamical behavior, quantify parameter sensitivities and general behavior or systems studied.
  • Surveys available literature summaries and papers to make reasoned decisions on biological representation.
  • Develops tools, scripts etc. to make workflows more efficient.
  • Summarizes research steps taken and their contribution to project goals effectively communicate to team members and customers.
  • Communicates with client research team to identify need, strives to understand and define a complex research problem, and break it down into research flow.
  • Communicates effectively with team members and customers and leads the project in alignment with customer expectations.
  • A Masters or PhD in Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Physics or related field.
  • Coursework in Ordinary Differential Equations , Techniques of Non-Linear Dynamics.
  • Coding and Scripting experience with demonstrated project work.
  • Solid research experience in mathematical modeling and simulation; Published (or submitted) manuscripts are highly valued.
  • Excellent communication skills and a willingness to work in multi-disciplinary teams world-wide.
  • Interest in biology is necessary. Exposure to biology is a major plus.

R&D Track for Undergraduates

For B. Tech and B.E. students, we offer a 1-2 year R&D track program. This program is targeted at research oriented undergraduates who are planning to pursue an advanced degree, but would like to spend a year or two getting industrial research experience. Vantage works with global customers on cutting edge science – such real-world R&D experience enhances the employee’s scientific research credentials, while the exposure will help them determine which area to specialize in. R&D trackers will be encouraged to work on scientific publications and will be provided guidance and support in applying to advanced degree programs.

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