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Job Opening at Vantage Research: Senior Model Development Engineer 

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Job description

The Senior Engineer will lead and/or contribute to the following activities

Communicate with client team to understand and define complex R&D problems, and break it down into a staged model development plan

Develop mathematical models of physiological systems, run simulations to analyze and derive meaningful results that guide drug discovery and development decisions.

Communicate effectively with team members and customers and align project activities with customer expectations. Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team is critical – the successful engineer will combine the team’s knowledge of biology with sound model building principles, while using relevant computational tools to build custom QSP models tailored for client R&D requirements.

Summarize and articulate progress to the client team, including approach taken, tradeoffs made, effectively communicate to team members and customers.

Background & Experience

The ideal candidate will have

Deep research and/or work experience in mathematical modeling and simulation with proven ability to build, validate and deploy models.

Sharp quantitative and analytical skills as applied to model development. Expertise in techniques such as Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Boolean networks, parameter optimisation methods and model qualification is required.

Experience in Pharmaceutical Modeling, including QSP and/or PK/PD Modeling is highly desirable.

Proven research orientation, including publications

Software programming experience including skills in C/ C++, R, MATLAB, Python

An interdisciplinary mindset – an ability to dive in and learn about new areas of biology/physiology in order to build models

A Master’s or Ph.D. in Biotech/Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace, Applied Mathematics, Physics or a related field with associated work experience.


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