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American Conference of Pharmacometrics 

IMG_20161026_081115998Five of us from Vantage attended the recently held American Conference of Pharmacometrics (ACoP) held at Bellevue recently. We presented a poster on an in-house tool for parameter optimisation that Prakash and Krishna have been developing  and got great feedback and suggestions from the community on improvements and features that they would like to see in the tool. We plan to put up the tool on our website shortly so that it can be freely available to use and improve.


PanelIt was the first time at ACoP for Kannan and Maithreye and they had a great learning experience. Rukmini was part of the panel on the ACoP7 open discussion forum on Making QSP happen:Strategies and lessons learned from experts.  It was a great opportunity for her to share her experience in working with the Quantitative Physiological Modeling team of the HBGDki effort in the Non-Governmental setting of the Gates Foundation as well as the past 15 years in building and using QSP models to answer clinically relevant questions.

Hope to continue and expand our presence at future ACoP sessions and contribute more to the field.








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